Receiving Mother’s Help

“I am giving Darshan always, everywhere.” – Mother Meera, Answers Part 1

Mother Meera Chair Mother Meera answers prayers. You don’t need to be in Mother’s physical presence to receive Her help or Her Darshan. With sincere longing, you may receive Her help or Her Darshan wherever you are. Mother says “my help and blessings are possible even at a distance."

If you wish to receive Mother’s help, She recommends doing japa. She says only through doing japa do we have constant inner contact with Her. Japa is the repetition of the name of the Divine. You can say Mother Meera, or use another name of the Divine that feels right to you.

Mother also recommends that we offer everything to God, the pure and the impure. What we offer to the Divine will be accepted and changed. It also helps us to always think of God.

“We can say that we are offering something to God in whatever way we want – by using words or by just feeling it. If we want to offer something good, we can simply thank God for it. With negative things, we can offer them to God and ask God to take them away.” Mother Meera, Answers, Part 1

You may also contact Mother Meera by letter or by fax.
Mother will receive all letters or faxes and She will help as appropriate.

You may send letters to Mother at the following address:
Mother Meera
Oberdorf 4a,
65599 Dornburg-Thalheim

You may also send a fax.
The fax number is: 011-49-6436-2361.

Mother does not send written answers to letters.

Please note that the question time for phone calls has been canceled.