Mother Meera's Work

Mother Meera Question: Mother, may I know Your work, please?
Mother Meera: First of all, I bring down the Light and establish Peace, also I help the people to surrender to the Divine, to remember the Divine and to be faithful and sincere to their religion or to their belief. I help people to be happy in their families.

Question: What is your main purpose?
Mother Meera: It is to help humans and to make them happy, peaceful, contented, harmonious, and loving. Happiness and spiritual growth are connected. Being peaceful and being happy form the most important foundation of spiritual practice. Then the practice goes by itself.

Question: What is your aim?
Mother Meera: To protect all aspects of the human being.
Adilakshmi: Mother Meera understands human nature totally and knows how difficult it is on Earth. She helps all types of people whatever their life situation or stage of awareness. Other incarnations tend to focus their help on those on one stage of life.

Question The work of the Mother in the world is going on all the time now, isn't it?
Mother Meera: All the time. The consciousness of mankind is being prepared for great leaps and discoveries – in a gentle way wherever possible. But some things will have to be destroyed. I do not like to destroy; I like to change things. But where there is no openness there must be destruction. However, God is giving man a great chance. Many divine persons are here. We are showing man a way out; we are offering him the divine Light, the divine knowledge. We are bringing down into the consciousness of the Earth the divine consciousness. Now man must choose. Man is free; God will not force his children to do anything. He wants their free love. Mercy and love are always there.

Mother Meera Photos and Quotes

This slide show includes photos of Mother Meera, Adilakshmi, (Mother's secretary and companion and author of books about Mother), and Mr. Reddy (the man who first recognized Mother and introduced Her to the world). Also included are two paintings by Mother Meera.

The quotes are mostly from Answers, Part 1 and Answers, Part 2 by Mother Meera. More of Mother Meera's paintings can be found in the book Bringing Down the Light. For these and other books by and about Mother Meera, please visit our bookstore at www.mothermeerabookstore.com.

Mother Meera's Darshan

The Eyes of The Mother

Question†Is a photo of Mother useful?
Adilakshmi: Yes, the picture of Mother is not simply a picture. Part of the Divine is there. Mother's power is there. You are actually seeing Mother when you look at the picture. (From Answers, Part 1)