Reservations for Darshan with Mother Meera

Mother Meera
We are pleased to announce the rollout of our new, worldwide reservation system. With this new system, you can reserve spaces for yourself and your family in a single reservation, as well as change and cancel your own reservations. You will need to create a login and password to use the new system. If you need assistance, read the Reservation Guide first, and then make your reservations here: Mother Meera Reservations.

There are currently no Darshans scheduled in the U.S.

Important Note: To ensure that you continue to receive our communications, including your Darshan reservation confirmation, please add info@mmdarshan.de, MMFUSA@mmdarshan.de and reservationsmmna@gmail.com to your address book or safelist. Please also check this website regularly after you make a reservation for important updates and information and please check at least one week prior to your event to confirm your Darshan session remains scheduled.

Children are also invited to receive Mother's Darshan. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. They should be able to remain quiet for a short time. The children can come to Mother for Darshan at the beginning of Darshan and then leave with a parent or guardian. Please make a separate reservation for each child and check the box to indicate they are under 18.

If you are unable to sit or kneel comfortably in line but can kneel for individual Darshan, please sit in any unreserved row. When your row is called, please walk to the front of the line and proceed directly to the waiting area on stage as soon as space opens up. You may also stand on the waiting rug until you kneel in front of Mother.

Coming and Going

– When you come in, put your shoes under your chair together with your bags and jacket.

– It is recommended that guests stay until the end of the Darshan. Mother sits at the end for several minutes with us in deep silence. This is a wonderful experience.

– If you need to leave early, please let us know when you come in. When leaving, please do it as silently as possible.

– Please come with clean, washed hair and dress normally and appropriately. The temperature in the Darshan hall is usually set on the cool side, so please dress accordingly.

– Please do not bring flowers, potted plants, or edibles for Mother.

Darshan Procedure

– People will be called to Darshan row-by-row, starting from the front.

– There is a line in the middle aisle and a shorter line on the stage.

– Keep your eyes open when in line.

– As soon as the stage has a place free, move from the middle aisle to the stage line.

– When lining up, be aware and always keep moving forward as much as space allows.

Your Personal Darshan

– As soon as the place in front of Mother is free, move there and lower your head, so that Mother can reach your head with ease.

– When Mother lets go of your head, lift up your head and look into her eyes. When Mother lowers her head, then your personal Darshan is finished.

– Stand up immediately – you can use the wooden box for support – and take the shortest route back to your seat.

– If it is physically difficult for you to sit or kneel in the middle aisle, you can walk directly to the stage line and if necessary, keep standing while waiting there.

– If you cannot kneel in front of Mother, you can receive Darshan sitting on a chair. If you want this, please talk to a volunteer when you come into the hall.

The Darshan takes place in total silence. We can all help to make this a pleasant experience for everybody by following these guidelines:

– cell phones are switched off.

– no talking or whispering in the hall.

– no photos or video recordings. (Please note that there may be authorized persons taking photographs and videos during Darshan.)

– no standing in the Darshan hall.

– guests can only go once to Darshan; guests are not allowed to stay for a second Darshan, even if only to sit and meditate.

Finally, please don't cross your legs if you are sitting in the front rows.

If you need to change or cancel your reservation, please email us at reservationsmmna@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Please do not use Mother Meera's name for any purpose (business or otherwise) without Her written permission.