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Mother Meera Foundation USA

Motherís love for us brings Her to the US to assist all who wish to receive Divine Grace and the transformational Light.

The Mother Meera Foundation USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was created by Mother to expand Her presence in the United States and to coordinate Her Darshans in the United States. "The mission of Mother Meera and Mother Meera Foundation USA is to help humanity."

It is the vision of the Foundation to secure land and construct one or more halls to provide permanent Darshan facilities in the US. Future plans may include assisting senior citizens, children, and people who want to improve their life circumstances.

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities for Service in the United States
If you are interested in organizing Darshan with Mother Meera in your city or state, please send an email with your full name, address and telephone number to: thankyou@mothermeerahome.com expressing your interest. Also, please tell us a little bit about yourself, your occupation, and include a photo of yourself in your email.

If your city already hosts Mother Meera, contact them through their website to offer to volunteer. Include a description of your skills and how much time you have to donate. For a list of cities, click here.

We will need volunteers with construction skills for building Darshan Halls. If you wish to be considered, please email us at MotherMeeraFoundation@gmail.com with your contact information and a description of your skills.

Opportunities for Service Abroad
There are opportunities to volunteer for Mother Meera outside the United States.† Mother Meera Foundation USA does not sponsor these opportunities, and we list them here as a public service to those who would like to serve Mother's activities abroad.

There is a general call for volunteers to assist at the Mother Meera School in India. Mother's Vision is to give Her Indian children a high standard of education in a school managed by western volunteers. With Mother's guidance and our devotion, Mother's Vision will continue to manifest. If you are able to spend a month or more in India, this is a wonderful opportunity to work with Mother and support Her children. For additional information, please visit the new India school website.

Mother Meera holds special programs for children every Saturday and Sunday from 5 - 6 pm when She is in Germany at Schloss Schaumburgn in Balduinstein, Germany. Parents, teachers, cooks, artists, musicians, etc. are all invited to apply. It is not necessary for volunteers to speak German. To apply, please send an email to: † mutterskinder@gmail.com