Mother Meera's Darshan in Germany

Mother Meera Smile
Darshan at Schloss Schaumburg

While Mother is in Germany, one Meditation is held at Schloss Schaumburg on Friday, and Darshan(s) are held on Saturday, and Sunday. The Darshan times at Schloss Schaumburg can change, so it is best to check the German reservation system calendar frequently.

The schedule at Schloss Schaumburg:
Friday - Meditation
Saturday - Darshan and Children's meditation
Sunday - Darshan and Children's meditation

Guests from the United States may come for two weekends within a six-month period, and may attend one Darshan each day. To register for Darshan please click here.

Mother will also visit many countries and cities in Germany, Europe, and elsewhere. All dates are given in the calendar.

Darshan is held at:
Schloss Schaumburg,
65558 Balduinstein, Germany

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Directions and hotel information is available by visiting the mothermeera.com website or can be downloaded via fax-on-Demand from 011-49-6436-2361 or 011-49-6432-508853.