"For this I came – to open your hearts to the Light."
- Mother Meera

Mother Meera is an embodiment of the Divine Mother. She was born in South India, the state of Andhra Pradesh, on December 26, 1960. She lives in a small village in Germany and travels throughout the world offering Darshan, a blessing of Light and Love, free of charge. Mother Meera Smile

Q: People imagine that the Avatar should know everything on every plane, like a kind of supercomputer.

MM: As the Mother, I have my own special work which I know exactly and precisely how to accomplish. This has nothing to do with any other work I may do.

Q: Are you consciously aware of calls for your help, or does your power work automatically?

MM: The grace works automatically when the aspiration is sincere. It is not necessary for me always to know.
Answers I, pg 21.