The Mother

by Adilakshmi

The Divine Mother is the Force and Consciousness that sustains Creation. She is worshipped under many names and in many cultures and She has been worshipped throughout history in many forms. But behind every form and every name, She is One, Eternal and Omnipotent. She is Transcendent and stands above all Her creations in the silence of the Absolute; She is the breath and power of all creation; She is in every part of creation forever.

The work of the Divine Mother is the transformation of humanity into God, of time into Eternity, of matter into Divine Matter. Her work is a work of transformation, and it has no end.

Mother Meera's Will and Power are the Will and Power of the Divine Mother. Mother Meera's Work and the Work of the Divine Mother are the same Work. Mother Meera has come to purify the consciousness of the earth so it may be ready for Transformation. She is calling down onto the earth the Light of the Supreme that makes Transformation certain. Her work in our time is to open all people to the power and radiance of this Light so the Divine Will may be done and the Divine Life established on earth.



Do not use Mother Meera's name for any purpose (business or otherwise) without Her written permission! Mother does not channel "messages" through anyone. She never asks or authorizes anyone to act in Her name.