Answers Part II

by Mother Meera

An Avatar is an Incarnation of the Divine and comes to Earth whenever there is a need to uplift and protect humanity.

One of the most widely revered and loved of these Avatars is Mother Meera, a young Indian woman, born on December 26th, 1960, in the village of Chandepalle in Southern India. She soon showed Herself to be an unusual child. Her parents treated Her as exceptional and loved Her very much. The family was not especially religious and She was not brought up in any tradition. Her real parents were the spiritual guides that She met in vision, it was from them that She received the love and help She needed. Under the auspices of Her uncle, Mr. Reddy, She lived for some time in Pondicherry where Her extraordinary Presence attracted considerable attention. She is now worshipped as a Divine Mother all over India. In 1982 Mother Meera married a German who stays with Her in Thalheim, a quiet German village. Although She has not sought publicity thousands of people from both the East and the West recognise Mother Meera as Divine Mother and come to Her to receive Her Darshan, Her silent bestowal of Grace and Light through Her gaze and touch. No teachings, no rituals, no chanting, only Silent Blessings. Without spoken language Her inner Influence changes the hearts and minds of people. Simply being in Her presence gives the feeling of being in the Presence of the Supreme. Her gaze penetrates the soul, heart and mind. Silence expresses Her Beauty and majestic Power, Her Love and Purity.

In the company of Mother Meera I understand and feel and experience the different aspects of the Divine Mother. Her Personality, Her movements and Her Glance give a profound feeling of Sacred Love and Purity, each action is a quotation from the Gita, the Vedas or Bible. Her way of life is so simple both in words and action. As the sun cannot be separated from its brilliance, neither can Her Actions be separated from Her Words. The Mother is a practical example to us all that one can live in this world and at the same time be one with God.

It was my spiritual thirst for the Divine which led me first to Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and finally to the Mother. When I first met Her, She was thirteen years old. At first sight, I felt Her as the Divine Mother and experienced Her as Durga. Later I experienced Her aspect of Maheshwari in Her Wisdom, and witnessed the helping of people with problems by Her all-knowing advice. Business men, doctors, barristers, musicians, actors, architects have always been amazed by Her Knowledge. By Her Wisdom, Her explanations and logical analysis of daily life, She gradually changed my superstitious traditional beliefs and restored in their place light, love and knowledge. Still in India, the caste system exists along with "touchability" and "untouchability", but from childhood the Mother lived alongside differing castes and religions and says there is no difference between them. She does, however, understand that it is very difficult for human beings to accept cultures and religions other than their own. But for the Mother is was all quite simple.

In Answers Part II we see Her full awareness of the world, Her understanding of the difficulties and sufferings and most practical solutions for the problems of everyday life, of different relationships, family life, work and also the spiritual life. We see Her Love for humanity, Her intense interest in the material and worldly welfare of people. Her Compassion is as vast as the ocean and She is so humble. Sometimes people not only called for help for themselves and their friends but also for their household pets.

My experience of the aspect of the Mother as Saraswati is seeing the perfection of Her work. From gardening to building construction She does all with exceptional patience and to the rhythm of Nature, and I marvel at the "Energy" which allows Her to work continuously without resting.

My knowledge of Her as an Avatar is quite special. Alone, if no help is available, Mother carries out construction work, laying bricks, building walls, climbing onto the roof. Recently at the new property the entire old roof had to be removed and a new one put on. In the Darshan Hall the roof had to be raised almost a metre, about three feet. During this time the Mother worked day and night without any rest, and as usual gave Darshan to devotees with the same intensity of Love and Peace. She has also worked on the insulation in the new building and watched over the whole operation with a constant vigilance, all with the same untiring rhythm. It is awe-inspiring to see and feel Her Divine Presence in action! At these times I feel strongly Her aspect as Mahakali.

Her fourth main aspect is Mahalakshmi, and there is no aspect more attractive to the heart of human beings. To be close to Her is profound happiness and to feel Her within the heart is a rapture. This we can experience during Darshan.

For almost twenty-three years I have been with the Mother and my knowledge is always being enhanced by hearing Her answers to people with widely differing personalities and professions. I feel deeply Her Love and Wisdom, as well as Her Care and Concern for each individual. Even though I have spent nearly half my life with Her, yet still She is a Divine Mystery.



Do not use Mother Meera's name for any purpose (business or otherwise) without Her written permission! Mother does not channel "messages" through anyone. She never asks or authorizes anyone to act in Her name.